About Us

Founded with the dream of backing stories worth telling, Vistaar / WSG was set up in 2004.

With Vistaar as the financing arm and WSG as the production company, it remains committed to backing quality content and has produced a diverse range of quality cinema powered by the conviction of the filmmakers vision.

Led by producer Sheetal Talwar and director, Bhavna Talwar,the boutique production firm under the WSG banner produced its maiden film venture ‘Dharm’ which bagged the indian national film award and was an official selection at the 60th Cannes Film Festival.

Having produced indian language films, the vision of being georgraphy agnostic led to the production of ‘The Joneses’ , the firms’ maiden international feature starring Demi Moore and David Duchovny.

Balancing a steady slate of indian as well as international films since its humble beginnings in 2004, Vistaar / WSG is credited with critically, commercially and poignant cinema such as Ram Gopal Varmas’ ‘Rann’ starring Amitabh Bachchan , Paul Andrew Williams directed ‘ The Eichmann Show’ starring Martin Freeman and anthony La Paglia, south african comedy ‘Finding Lenny’ among numerous others.

Moving ahead, the company driven by a passionate team has in place a strong slate of feature films in stages of post production, production and development, with some of the finest directorial and acting talent.

Our contribution to the Indian film industry is a clear testimony of our vision and effort. We not only created India’s first-ever SEBI-registered film venture capital fund, Vistaar Religare Film Fund,  but also won the National Award for National Integrity for our debut film ‘Dharm’. Each of our films is based on a socially relevant issue and we hope the causes we support can positively impact the viewers.


Our Films

Heidi – The Queen of The Mountain

Director: Bhavna Talwar | Cast: Bill Nighy, Mark Williams, Helen Baxendale, Emilia Fox
Genre: Drama/Comedy | Language: English | Franchise: Trilogy

High up in the mountains lives a free- spirited tomboy called heidi, who lives with her granpa in his remote log cabin. The village council tired of heidi playing truant, serve granpa with a care order. Desperate not have her put into foster care, he sends heidi away to a wealthy home in the city to become the companion to a crippled girl, clara, 14,the daughter of an eminent professor.

Heidi hates the city and constantly rebels only to be punished by the strict governess. The professor however, listens to his daughter clara who loves free- spirited heidi. The governess is furious at the undermining of her authority and determines to get rid of the newcomer. What follows is a story of finding oneself, love, friendship and above all the freeedom.


Director: Onir | Cast: Wendy Glenn, Sanjay Suri, Ashish Bisht, Zain Durrani
Genre: Drama/Romance | Language: English/Hindi 

A unique and contemporary retelling of the sheakespearen classic ‘hamlet’, veda directed by national award winning filmmaker onir is a story of relationships, between a mother longing to get close to her son, a son longing for love and the love longing for the truth amidst a web of deciet.


Director: Shamassian Brothers | Cast: Orlando Bloom, Janet Montgomery, Charlie Creed Mills, Josh Myers
Genre: Drama | Language: English

The film accounts the story of malky, a man still trying to come to terms with crippling insecurity resulting from childhood sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted and idolized priest.

Based on real-life events, the story will see the combination of the abuse, the withdrawal of his mother’s love and abandonment of god set malky’s life on a twisted trajectory of violent employment, serial self-abuse and psychotic sexual jealousy. Malky must confront the demons that have been haunting him for 20 years and makes the decision to forgive his abuser despite aching for violent revenge.


Director: Bart Ruspoli, Freddie Hutton-Mills | Cast: Ed Stoppard, Olivia Grant, Wendy Glenn, Robert Boulter
Genre: Drama/Action/Sci-fi | Language: English | Franchise: Trilogy

A sci-fi thriller, genesis is a film that explores themes of identity, free will and what it means to be human. The story follows an A.I. Machine, once believing itself to be human, who learns its pre-programmed fate…to lead an army of humanoids into battle against the last remnants of mankind. A slick and visually stunning feature, genesis is the first in the trilogy.


Director: Onir | Cast: Raveena Tandon, Sanjay Suri, Simon Frenay, Ashish Bisht, Arpita Chatterjee
Genre: Drama/Romance | Language: Hindi

Shab meaning night revolves around the lives of people who live on the edge of what society finds acceptable. Set in the dream filled city of delhi, this film narrates the story of a coffee shop girl raina (arpita chatterjee) and azzafar (ashish bisht) an aspiring model smitten and in love with her.

Things take a turn when sonal (raveena tandon), a fashion patron takes a fond liking to azzfar and decides to mentor him. Into their lives comes in benoit (simon frenay) a french expat who teaches french in delhi. What follows is an intense story of love, sexuality and the quest for the true self.

The Myth of Hopelessness

Director: Shaun Robert Smith | Cast: Mel Raido, Morjana Alaoui, Craig Conway
Genre: Thriller | Language: English

The film follows the story of a young parisian woman – evie, who absconds to england to make a fresh start after surviving a harrowing upbringing.

Evie takes a job as an agency carer and is quickly placed with a tetraplegic patient john. The burden of the job stirs up evie’s past and exhaustion sets in, it seems that the limits of caring are not always as clear as they should be.

Forced to go above and beyond the call of duty, tormented by guilt and shame, evie questions her own morals as past & present actions merge into the terrifying circumstances that unfold. ?It’s only a matter of time before someone snaps.

The Ghost Writer

Director: Paul Wilkins | Cast: Luke Mably, Andrea Deck
Genre: Thriller | Language: English | Franchise: Hindi & Korean Adaptation

Novelist gilliger graham, a man about to be let go by his publisher unless he can deliver a bestselling book. Gilliger reluctantly follows the advice of his agent, and retreats to the remote cottage he inherited from his booker prizewinning father.

Struggling to find his muse and unnerved by his presence in the cottage, he turns to drink, until he finds a manuscript hidden in a pipe under the sink it’s his father’s last novel and the book that will put him back on top.

But when a beautiful, feral woman beats down his door in the middle of the night, his troubles begin.

Shed of The Dead

Director: Drew Cullingham | Cast: Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Emily Booth, Brian Blessed
Genre: Horror / Comedy | Language: English 

A group of folk find themselves in the middle of an urban zombie apocalypse, and come together in the titular shed for a spot of horror comedy.

The film, described as “Shaun of the Dead for the post walking dead generation”, boasts 80’s american horror icons Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder and Michael Berryman among its cast, and also features a wide range of uk talent including BAFTA winning actress Lauren Socha, Brian Blessed, Spencer Brown and Ewen Macintosh.


Director: Kit Monkman | Cast: Mark Rowley, Akiya Henry
Genre: Drama/VFX | Language: English 

Macbeth is one of literature’s darkest tragedies and will now be brought to life in a stunning visual hybrid of film and theatre which heralds a new chapter for shakespeare on film.

Filmed entirely on green screen, this 21st century re-imagining of macbeth will feature cutting-edge visual effects and computer-generated images created by green screen productions, a company which recently completed its first all-cgi film ,the knife that killed me.


Director: Bhavna Talwar | Cast: Pankaj Kapoor,  Nakul Vaid, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Manoj Pawah
Genre: Drama | Language: Hindi | Music: Illaiyaraaja

‘Happi’ is the joyful journey of a fun loving and modest old man who has few wants and needs, in our times that are driven by consumerism and distorted notions of success.

Tracing the like of happi , a entertainer who struggles to spread joy in a cynical world,the film traverses a journey of discovering a sense of happiness in difficult times and situations.

The Eichmann Show

Director: Paul Andrew Williams | Cast: Martin Freeman, Anthony La Paglia, 
Genre: Drama | Language: English | Year: 2015 | Sales: Content

The behind-the-scenes true life story of groundbreaking producer milton fruchtman and blacklisted tv director leo hurwitz, who, overcoming enormous obstacles, set out to capture the testimony of one of the war’s most notorious nazis, adolf eichmann. He is accused of executing the ‘final solution’ and organising the murder of six million jews. This is the extraordinary story of how eichmann’s trial came to be televised and the team that made it happen.

Filmed at the trial in jerusalem in 1961, the production became the world’s first ever global tv documentary series, where, for the first time, the horror of the camps was heard directly from the mouths of its victims. It was edited daily and broadcast in germany, america, israel and 34 other countries. People fainted when they saw it on tv. Never before had there been such drama in the use of cameras, their positioning or the revolutionary effect of operators being able to adjust frame and position to match subject and content.

The Joneses

Director: Derrick Borte | Cast: Demi Moore, David Duchovny, Amber Heard, Ben Hollingsworth
Genre: Drama/Comedy | Language: English | Year: 2009 | Festivals: TIFF, ZURICH, SANTA FE | Sales: Echolake

“The Joneses”, a social commentary on our consumerist society. Perfect couple steve and kate jones, and their gorgeous teen-aged children jenn and mick, are the envy of their posh, suburban neighborhood filled with mcmansions and all the trappings of the upper middle class.


Director: Bhavna Talwar | Cast: Pankaj Kapoor,  Supriya Pathak, Hrishitaa Bhatt
Genre: Drama | Language: Hindi | Year: 2007 | Festivals: CANNES, PALM SPRINGS, SAIFF, CANCUN, IFFI, CIFF

Pandit Ram Narayan Chaturvedi (Pankaj Kapur) is a hindu brahmin priest who lives by his belief in the ‘true hindu way of life’. He fastidiously, almost fanatically, practices his religion, as per the ancient hindu scriptures.

He follows the prescribed rituals of prayers as well as the social practice of casteism, which ordains that he is a brahmin, the most superior human caste & then there are others, including sudras, who are untouchables. His life has been following an uninterrupted pattern of rituals and prayers for the past thirty years… When a child comes into his life and shakes the very core of his beliefs.

Rakht Charitra 1 & 2

Director: Ram Gopal Varma | Cast: Suriya, Vivek Oberoi, Shatrugan Sinha, Sudeep, Radhika Apte, Priyamani
Genre: Drama/Action | Language: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu | Year: 2010

Rakta Sharitra film is a biographical tale of Paritala Ravi from Andhra Pradesh, a prime accused in a number of murder cases.

It is the story of a man’s phenomenal rise to power and a story of the most intense blood curdling conflict ever heard of between two individuals. Moreover, the story is also the ultimate statement on the often heard disastrous consequences of a fatal mixture of caste, crime, family feuds and politics. The film was released in two parts and simultaneously made in three languages, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.


Director: Ram Gopal Varma | Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Paresh Rawal, Gul Panag, Monish Bahl
Genre: Drama/Thriller | Language: Hindi | Year: 2010

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, the film is an expose on the games the heavyweights in the media play to further their interests. The film throws light on the politician-industrialist-media nexus. Also, it’s an insider’s account of how news channels that are greedy for ratings sensationalize stories to grab eyeballs.


Director: Pankaj Kapoor | Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Supriya Pathak
Genre: Drama/Romance | Language: Hindi | Year: 2011

Four seasons. Four colors. Four different age groups of our protagonists.??Mausam (seasons of love) is a story of timeless love in the face of political hostilities and religious conflict, between a proud punjabi air force officer, harry (shahid kapoor) and an innocent kashmiri refugee, aayat (sonam kapoor). Set against a landscape that transcends a decade and spans continents, mausam is a classic journey that transports one into a world of indestructible bonds of love enveloped by the roulette of destiny.

In is first season, the film begins with mere adolescent attraction between harry and aayat, in a small village of punjab. In season two it develops into young love; there love realizes its own depth in the hours of seperation through season three. In the fourth and final season their love culminates into togetherness, but not before sacrificing a lot personally and learning the truth behind universal love. It is a passionate love story, with various shades of life as its background.

Persian Roulette

Director: Bart Ruspoli, Freddie Hutton-Mills
Genre: Comedy / Action | Language: English

The film is an adaptation of the best selling book of the same name written by Oscar King.

In the midst of the global financial downturn, listless financier and ex-special forces officer harry linley accepts the seemingly innocent task of spending a week house-sitting for a friend.

By the end of the first night, however, two men are dead on the kitchen floor. A handful of disparate international strangers find themselves subsequently entangled in a web of deceit, sex and murder amongst the glittering towers of dubai, with a seemingly unstoppable chain of miscommunication threatening to bring them all to ruin. At the heart of all this chaos: a beautiful, white persian cat.

This hilarious, mile-a-minute thriller provides a sharp-eyed satire of our globalised world, in which those who shout loudest, shoot fastest and spend most always try to come out on top.

Ask for Forgiveness

Director: TBD
Genre: Drama / Action | Language: English

An adaptation of former British Special Forces Officer Howard Leedham’s best seller, the feature film accounts the true story of leedham during a special operation.

Fifty Pathan tribesmen – ten American helicopters – one british former special forces officer operating against the odds.

Other Films in Early Development

Black Callant (Drama)

Guru Dutt (Musical / Drama / Romance)

Heidi And The Ghost Train (Drama / Comedy)

Genesis 2 ( Sci-fi / Drama / Action)

Moscow Payback (Drama/ Action)

Teatime Tangoes At The Taj (Drama / Romance)