Vision with a Cause

About Us

Founded with the dream of backing stories worth telling, Vistaar / WSG was set up in 2004.

With Vistaar as the financing arm and WSG as the production company, it remains committed to backing quality content and has produced a diverse range of quality cinema powered by the conviction of the filmmakers vision.

Led by producer Sheetal Talwar and director, Bhavna Talwar,the boutique production firm under the WSG banner produced its maiden film venture ‘Dharm’ which bagged the indian national film award and was an official selection at the 60th Cannes Film Festival.

Having produced indian language films, the vision of being georgraphy agnostic led to the production of ‘The Joneses’ , the firms’ maiden international feature starring Demi Moore and David Duchovny.

Balancing a steady slate of indian as well as international films since its humble beginnings in 2004, Vistaar / WSG is credited with critically, commercially and poignant cinema such as Ram Gopal Varmas’ ‘Rann’ starring Amitabh Bachchan , Paul Andrew Williams directed ‘ The Eichmann Show’ starring Martin Freeman and anthony La Paglia, south african comedy ‘Finding Lenny’ among numerous others.

Moving ahead, the company driven by a passionate team has in place a strong slate of feature films in stages of post production, production and development, with some of the finest directorial and acting talent.

Vistaar was founded in 2003 with a vision of bringing about a positive growth and change by investing in businesses that positively impact society at the point of time that they are undergoing a lifecycle change from typical “mom and pop” operations to being established professionally.

Since its inception Vistaar has lived up to its vision by not only driving its growth in businesses that have shown the trend of turning professional in this period, but also ensuring that all it’s businesses are contributing significantly to the ecosystem that they breed in as well as to society.

We at Vistaar Group believe in following our heart and this belief has helped us expand ourselves, our capabilities, our efforts and our contribution to our shareholders, investors, our ecosystem and the society.